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Mar 27 2018 7:54 AM Post #480
Location : CZ_

Ještě letos by mohli nějaké koncerty proběhnout. Dělám na tom ;-)
Mar 23 2018 11:35 AM Post #478
Location : Ostrava

Hojte bando! Budou letos nějaké koncerty? Přijedete někdy do Ostravy?? 'King of Persia' je špičková deska a je škoda, že ji nepodpořilo žádné tour. Chtělo by to aktivitu, škoda takové kapely v hybernaci Confused
Ať se daří!
Jun 15 2017 9:04 AM Post #307
Location : CZ_

If you think you are good enough you can send me an email Laughing
Jun 11 2017 20:28 PM Post #306
Location : Galicia, Spain

Sad to read that!

If the problem is that you can´t find a keyboard player let me know! ha ha ha

best of lucks and tones of beer,

Jun 07 2017 7:59 AM Post #304
Location : CZ_

Hi Sercho, I'm working on it but problems with line-up...again :-(
Jun 06 2017 21:20 PM Post #303
Location : Spain

Come On Guys!

No gigs on the horizon? Why? We want to enjoy your music live!

Hello from Galicia, Spain!
May 12 2017 7:44 AM Post #294
Location : CZ_

I hope so too. Thanks.
Apr 14 2017 13:47 PM Post #289
Location : Japan

Greetings from Japan
I've never seen an amazing band except Symphonity. I hope to see your concert in my country.
Mar 15 2017 15:23 PM Post #284
Location : CZ_

> Roger, Pako and Daniel
Thanks guys! Wink
Roger Moum
Mar 04 2017 12:58 PM Post #280
Location : Norway, Sřr-Trondelag, Trondheim

Hello from Norway! Just found you guys on Spotify and you can color me impressed Very Happy Hope to see you in Norway some day. Keep on rockking!! \m/
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