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The Story So Far...

Until now the Czech Republic hasn’t exactly been in the spotlight of the international Heavy Metal Scene. But with the expansion of the European Union towards the east, more and more bands from those countries will find it easier to establish themselves. One of the first ones to tick all the boxes of becoming a potentially great name in the classical Symphonic Metal scene is SYMPHONITY.
     Back in 1994 guitarist Libor Krivak and drummer Tomas Suchacek formed a band called OTTER, which was renamed NEMESIS a few years later after the lineup had changed several times. An experienced singer was found in Vilem Majtner and it was with him that the band recorded their debut album, "Goddess of Revenge" on the Italian label, Underground Symphony in 2003. The Japanese label Hot Rockin' bought the licence for the album in the same year for the Japanese market. During 2003 the band was joined by keyboarder Ivo Hofmann, found their bass player Tomas Celechovsky the next year and after that, NEMESIS played their first international gigs. 2005 started off badly when the band's co-founder Tomas Suchacek decided to leave, but fortunately, he was quickly be replaced by Martin Skaroupka. In the same year the band was given the chance to open for NIGHTWISH in Zilina. This, their biggest performance until then, was a great success. However, during the preparations for their new album, singer Vilem Majtner surprisingly left the band. Making the most from a bad situation, the lads decided to use the opportunity for a reshuffle. They changed the band's name from NEMESIS to SYMPHONITY and in the LUCA TURILLI and ex-DIONYSUS singer Olaf Hayer they found a suitable vocalist who met all their high musical demands. The German-Czech Entente was a paradigm of harmony, a fact that was not overlooked by Limb Music Products, who offered SYMPHONITY a contract straight away.
     A sudden death of bass guitarist Tomas Celechovsky in June 2012 delayed a making of an upcoming album. The band didn't leave for Gate studio in Wolfsburg until September 2013. Ronnie König of SIGNUM REGIS filled in on bass and Herbie Langhans (SINBREED, AVANTASIA), who has already appeared in cover version of the song „Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime“ on previous album, stood by Olaf's side at a mic. The album called King of Persia is going to be released on 23rd of September 2016 at the Limb Music and Marquee Inc. / Avalon in Japan.

Latest Posts in Guestbook:
Date: 27.03.2018
>Roman Ještě letos by mohli nějaké koncerty proběhnout. Dělám na tom ;-)
Author: Libor
Date: 23.03.2018
Hojte bando! Budou letos nějaké koncerty? Přijedete někdy do Ostravy?? 'King of Persia' je špičková deska a je škoda, že ji nepodpořilo žádné tour. Chtělo by to aktivitu, škoda takové kapely v hybernaci :? Ať se daří!
Author: Roman
Date: 15.06.2017
>Sercho If you think you are good enough you can send me an email :lol:
Author: Libor
Date: 11.06.2017
Sad to read that! If the problem is that you can´t find a keyboard player let me know! ha ha ha best of lucks and tones of beer, Sercho.
Author: Sercho
Date: 07.06.2017
Hi Sercho, I'm working on it but problems with line-up...again :-(
Author: Libor
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