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Voice From The Silence


Signed CD

(2008 Limb Music Products, LMP 0808-107 CD)

01. La Morale Dell'Immorale
02. Give Me Your Helping Hand
03. Gates Of Fantasy
04. Bring Us The Light
05. Salvation Dance
06. The Silence - Memories (part I.)
07. The Silence – In Silence Forsaken (part II.)
08. The Silence - Relief Reverie (part III.)
09. Searching You
10. Evening Star
11. Afterlife + hidden bonus track

Album line-up:
Olaf Hayer - Lead vocals, Libor Křivák - Guitars, Ivo Hofmann - Keyboards, Tomáš Čelechovský - Bass, Martin Škaroupka - Drums

Mixed by Sascha Paeth at Pathway Studio,Wolfsburg, Germany.
Mastered by Miroat Gate Studio, Wolfsburg, Germany.
Cover artwork by Derek Gores.

Release date:
15. August 2008 (EU)
09. September 2008 (U.S.A.)

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