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Voice From The Silence (Japan)



(2008 Marquee/Avalon, MICP-10785)

01. La Morale Dell'Immorale
02. Give Me Your Helping Hand
03. Gates Of Fantasy
04. Bring Us The Light
05. Salvation Dance
06. The Silence - Memories (part I.)
07. The Silence – In Silence Forsaken (part II.)
08. The Silence - Relief Reverie (part III.)
09. Searching You
10. Evening Star
11. Afterlife

12. Salvation Dance (Extended version)*
13. In Silence Forsaken*
*pre-mixed version feat. Vilem Majtner on vocals

Album line-up:
Olaf Hayer - Lead vocals, Libor Křivák - Guitars, Ivo Hofmann - Keyboards, Tomáš Čelechovský - Bass, Martin Škaroupka - Drums

Mixed by Sascha Paeth at Pathway Studio,Wolfsburg, Germany,
except 12 and 13 mixed byLibor Krivak at Otter studio, Czech Republic.
Mastered by Miro at Gate Studio, Wolfsburg,Germany,
except 12 and 13 mastered by OlafReitmeier at Gate Studio.
Cover artwork by Derek Gores.

Release Date:
22. October 2008 (Japan)

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